Bad Rhino Studios

We create compelling stories and amazing worlds

Who we are...

Bad Rhino Studios specializes in design, content creation & engineering; specifically with Unreal Engine 4. We primarily focus on the production side of game development; with in-house capabilities for full cycle development. We develop for PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and VR.

Full-cycle Production

Midwest Advantage

As a Midwest-based development studio, we pride ourselves on fast and responsive communication with our clients as well as our competitive pricing. Our goal is to remove barriers that inhibit forward progress and get your product shipped as fast as possible.

What we do…

Bad Rhino Studios is a full-cycle development studio
Concept & Design

Bad Rhino Studios specializes in design, content creation & engineering; specifically with Unreal Engine 4. Whether is concept design, asset creation, or custom engineering...we can do it!

Engineering & Content Creation

Need a custom plugin, integration, or specialized code? Need custom 3D Assets, Materials, or Level Design? Our in-house engineers, designers, and artists can assist with your content creation needs.

Platform Support

As a full-cycle development studio, we have internal resources for porting games or experiences to PC, VR, PS4, Xbox, & Nintendo Switch.

Full-Cycle Development

Our team of talented artists, engineers, and designers are skilled in all phases of production. Whether it's pipeline integration, co-development or full-cycle development, Bad Rhino can assist in any stage of production.

Why choose Bad Rhino Studios...

Full-Cycle Developer

Not only do we have the technical & physical resources for full cycle development, but the mindset to ensure that our contributions provide value at any stage in production.

Pipeline Integration

Our studio is adept with the majority of pipeline tools, software, and integrations. We strive to compliment your production pipeline; providing value-added benefit to your production needs.

Quality Persistence

We're not satisfied with achieving the bare minimum. We pride our self on creating great products and experiences above and beyond what's typically expected from indie studios.

Platforms we develop for…

As a full-cycle development studio, we support several platforms

Windows & Mac (limited)


PS4, Xbox, & Nintendo Switch


HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Quest, Samsung Odyssey, & Mobile VR


Android & iOS