kansas city-basedKansas City, KS

Bad Rhino Games is an independent game studio based in the heart of Kansas City, KS developing experiences for AR/VR, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We are comprised of artists and programmers from all across the world utilizing gaming technology to produce immersive, enriching, and entertaining experiences. Are you interested in joining our team? Please visit our Careers page for current openings and insight into what you need before applying.

our cultureInside & Out

At Bad Rhino Games we support and encourage each other, while individually and collectively maintaining high standards of professionalism and quality. We embrace the responsibilities and freedoms that come with being indie, but maintain the AAA quality you’d expect from larger studios. We love the freedoms and creativeness we foster as an indie developer and embrace the responsibilities that come with it. Our studio and games are nothing without the talented artists, programmers, and staff behind what we do. We’re a crash (pack of rhinos) and we take care of our own.

our creedMidwest Indie Developer

Bad Rhino Games is first and foremost an Indie Development studio. While we love the impact AAA Studios make on the video game and entertainment industry, we strive to fill the niche where indies shine best. We embrace the creativity and freedoms we have as indie devs and seek to not only build and maintain an internal culture of respect, professionalism, and creativity but also challenge industry stereotypes for greater inclusion and diversity. Bad Rhino Games is committed to making an impact on our community and enriching the lives of current and aspiring artists, programmers, and those who wish to pursue a career in the games industry.

c.r.a.s.hOur ethics


Beautifully rich experiences


Actively engage with the community


To achieve more than thought possible


Those that believe in your dreams and aspirations


Enrich the lives of those around us. Be somebody’s hero.