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Audio Engineer

Bad Rhino is seeking a Audio Engineer/Artist to join our team. The job will require collaborating closely with the Art Director to create soundtracks, sound effects, character voices, spoken instructions and ambient effects for use in a run-time gaming environment. A musical education or background is highly relevant. You should have the ability to compose music, play some musical instruments, as well as a foundation in music theory and composition.


  • Compose and master music, foley, sound FXs, and vocal mastering
  • Create in-game character voices, sound effects, sound tracks, and ambient effects
  • Communicate effectively with the programming and art department teams
  • Be able to work independently and manage your own schedule
  • Knowledge of creating audio for Unreal Engine is a plus


  • Strong sense of timing and composition for musical scores
  • Ability to create real-world sound effects, ambiance, and musical/vocal cues for games
  • Excellent communication skills. Must be able to thrive in a highly collaborative, team oriented environment
  • Strong work ethic, and ability to maintain high quality and consistent progress without constant supervision
  • Attention to detail and creative problem solving


  • Previous experience working in composing and creating audio for games
  • FMOD Experience
  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine audio workflow is a plus

Think you're a fit?

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