Character Artist

As a Character Artist, you will collaborate with artists and programmers to create character art for use in Unreal Engine 4. You will also be responsible for the final functionality of your assets, such as complex collision modeling, destruction and morph-target creation, and other technical setups. You will work closely with the Art Director to maintain visual consistency, production deadlines, and project goals. As our Character Artist, you will set an example for the team by the creation of art assets, a mastery of technology and tools pipeline, and production techniques for use in nex-gen gaming applications. It's important you have a solid understanding of the human form, as well as creating life-like characters for use in gaming applications.


  • Work closely with the Art Director and concept artists to maintain visual consistency
  • Create characters, vehicles, and props to include modeling, mapping, collision, and custom parameters
  • Paint textures and build shaders for corresponding assets
  • Build, maintains, and advance rigs, skinning, and weighting
  • Develop, experiment, and advance characters using the lasting techniques & software
  • Provide best practices & techniques for other character artists.
  • Troubleshoot and provide creative and technical solutions regarding the character pipeline and process.
  • Understand the hardware limitations and common techniques associated with in-game characters
  • Collaborate with designers and engineers to ensure characters are serving gameplay and project design.


  • Proficient in Maya or Max and Zbrush with a history of of both realistic and stylized work.
  • Strong demo reel or portfolio showcasing your most recent work.
  • Ability to work and contribute effectively and collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Great problem solving skills for both artistic and technical needs.
  • Strong understanding of humanoid skeletal and muscle anatomy.
  • 2+ years experience in the game industry


  • Modeling skills in 3DS Max, Maya and ZBrush
  • Familiarity with Substance Designer & Substance Painter
  • Traditional art skills (figure drawing, landscape, animals, composition, perspective, etc.)
  • Shipped one or more major titles on multiple platforms is preferred

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