Community Manager

Bad Rhino Games is seeking a Community Manager to join our growing team. As a Community Manager you will be the bridge between Bad Rhino Games and the community, helping to shape and grow our social media presence, encourage communication and interaction and dialogue between our studio and the community, as well as foster input and feedback as an advocate for the community. We're looking for someone who will take full ownership of the responsibilities involved with growing and nurturing a rich and healthy community.


  • Strategic planning, execution and reporting of all community activity
  • Delivering strong player engagement and community growth
  • Communicate directly with the players, creating strong positive relationships with our community
  • Constantly monitor and moderate user comments on our forums and social channels to identify and tackle issues as well as maintaining a positive environment
  • Actively participate in the creation of content and message to be published through our websites, forums and social media outlets
  • Consistently stimulate the conversation regarding Bad Rhino Games’ community strategy, and ensure all departments are working towards developing a clear and healthy relationship with our communities
  • Provide comprehensive reports on community feedback, issues, concerns and trends in order to address the communities’ needs.
  • Manage our relationship with our community partners, such as fan sites, influencers, external forums and social media destinations for our brands, as well as developing programs to support these advocates.
  • Cultivate and write blog posts focusing on your overall community, including patch notes, announcements, and general updates surrounding all content.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passionate about game development and gaming communities
  • Experience rooted in social media, with an understanding of why and how each platform should be utilized to maximize player impact and growth. You are an expert at using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, tumblr, Instagram, and more.
  • A Team Player who can advocate for the community’s needs while also collaborating with other cross functional teams to meet the company’s goals.
  • A Personality that can rise above and become a voice of the players, for the players, via the creation of YouTube videos and Twitch streams advocating the game.
  • Experienced with at least three years of community experience (preferably in gaming)


  • Previous experience in community relations is a huge plus.
  • Have a presence in front of the camera, with an emphasis on communicating a deep understanding of your game and community through Twitch streaming and other video productions.

Think you're a fit?

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