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Target Audience

Teen 9+



Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck (PDF)


HumanGo is an open-ended, city-building casual game that simulates the development of sustainable communities based on actual locations. In HumanGo , players will solve real-world problems like: clean water, disease, hunger, climate change, and education.


HumanGo use dynamic social interactions to engage players with one another. Players are able to positively impact another player’s gaming experience through gifts and in-game resources. Players who engage in these dynamic social interactions are rewarded with special, in-game items to show their support and dedication to the community.


HumanGo is more than a game! Revenue from HumanGo goes towards directly impacting the communities represented within the game. Using microtransactions, players are able to represent their personal play style as well as show their support in building sustainable communities; creating a human connection between players and the global community.

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