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Master Materials (Content Pack)

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PC, Console & Mobile

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This pack includes 6 Production-ready Master Materials and Instances covering a broad range of common material bases used in game production.Included in this pack are the following Master Materials: 1) Basic/Optimized Master, 2) Basic/Optimized Transparent Master, 3) Basic/Optimized World-Aligned Master, 4) Glass Master, 5) Four Material Layered Master, and 6) Height blend Vertex Painted Master. Simply duplicate material instances for unique looks while maintaining a common, base material. Perfect for a standardized asset pipeline and artist-friendly controls.

Technical Details

  • 6 Production-ready Master Materials
  • 12 Template Material Instances & Examples
  • Compact Material Functions Library Included
  • Optimized for PC, Console, and VR performance
Texture Sizes:
  • 6 Template Placeholders (128×128)
  • 27 Example Textures (1k/2k)

Number of Master Materials: 6
Number of Material Instance (Templates): 6
Number of Material Instance (Examples): 6
Number of Textures: 34
Supported Development Platforms: PC, Console
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Console, VR

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