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MedProVR (Prototype)

Target Audience

Medical Professionals & Students


Virtual Reality

Project Overview .PDF


MedProVR Trainer is a virtual reality (VR) training simulator that immerses healthcare providers in virtual training environments; teaching them how to handle complex operational procedurals, machine checks, operations, as well as a multitude of other medical procedures.

With its modular-based approach to education and training, MedProVR Trainer utilizes an isolated, methodical, and comprehensive teaching method to train students and healthcare providers within an immersive, virtual training environment. MedProVR Trainer uses a comprehensive feedback cycle to increase knowledge acquisition, application, and retention for students and healthcare providers.

MedProVR Trainer significantly reduces training and simulation costs with it’s virtual and immersive approach to healthcare training.

Kara Manning (DNP, APRN, CRNA)

The development of MedProVR Traineris currently overseen by Kara Manning (DNP, APRN, CRNA). Kara’s experience in the Medical field, particularly Nursing Anesthesia, is contributing to making MedProVR Trainer an industry leader in full-scope, Medical Virtual Reality Training; ensuring that MedProVR Trainer’s curriculum is not only current with today’s medical standards but that it achieves the rigorously high medical training standards demanded by medical professionals.

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