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Project: Beyond

This project is a direct collaboration with Beyond FXs designed as a VFX Aprentiship. Learn alongside the largest real-time visual effects team in the industry in a real studio environment complete with our studio’s bespoke database of tutorials, tips, tricks, and decades worth of on-the-job knowledge. Upon completing the program, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that celebrates your achievements, but you’ll also meet AAA industry standards, have an awesome portfolio of in-game effects, and be ready to kick-start your career as a real-time VFX artist.

The BFX Apprenticeship Program and “Project Artifact” are © 2021-2022 Beyond-FX, Inc. “Project Artifact” was created in collaboration with Bad Rhino Studios.

Our Role...

Bad Rhino Studios was proud to partner with Beyond-FXs to co-develop this Apprenticeship project from the ground up. Our responsibilities included:

  • Collaborative Project Design & Setup
  • Level Design, Blockout, Dressing & Propping
  • 3D Environment & Assets modeling
  • Environment & Set Dressing
  • Lighting Design & Time-of-Day System
  • Narrative construction & implementation
  • Blueprint Prefabrication
  • Gameplay mechanics
  • Player/Camera Controls
  • Systems Design, Engineering & Implementation
  • C++ coding
  • Interactive components design & engineering
  • Puzzle Design
  • Performance & Optimization

* All VFXs were created by Beyond-FXs.

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