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UEFN is a phenomenal tool that empowers creators to build experiences directly within the Fortnite ecosystem using a light-weight version of the Unreal Engine tools and deploy seamlessly across all platforms that currently support Fortnite. As Bad Rhino Studios is an Unreal Engine-based studio of experts, this is a small showcase of our work in helping to bring AAA experiences to the UEFN ecosystem.

Our Role...

Bad Rhino Studios built this UEFN experience from the ground up:

  • Project Design & Setup
  • Level Design, Blockout, Dressing & Propping
  • 3D Environment & Assets modeling
  • Environment & Set Dressing
  • Lighting Design & Time-of-Day System
  • Narrative construction & implementation
  • Gameplay mechanics
  • Systems Design, Engineering & Implementation
  • Verse coding
  • Interactive components design & engineering
  • Puzzle Design
  • Performance & Optimization