Astro Nomad


Target Audience

Teen 7+


Nintendo Switch


Astro Nomad is the story of a nomadic, trans-dimensional traveling character who must channel their abilities to repair the rift that have isolated the seven tribes and restore harmony between them. Along their journey, they’ll discover their purpose and that of the seven tribes. The player uses their tent to travel between the ancient lands left behind by the ancient tribes and repair the rifts that have separated them.

Bad Rhino was responsible for the entire, full-cycle development of Astro Nomad. Astro Nomad was built using Unreal Engine 4.

Our Role...

Bad Rhino was proud to partner with Advanced Initiative Co. to transform Astro Nomad from a paper idea to a fully realized game for Nintendo Switch. Astro Nomad was built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 4.

  • Pre-Production & Concepting
  • Story Development
  • Gameplay Systems Design & Implementation
  • Character Progression
  • Puzzle Design
  • Level Blocking, Design, & Propping
  • Environment Asset Creation
  • Character Design & Creation
  • Character Animation & Animation Systems
  • Lighting/VFXs
  • In-Game Cinematics
  • Deployment to Nintendo Switch
  • QA